For more information or for a comparison of any of the following services, submit a project proposal through the Contact page. I am happy to work with you to customize services for your project and reach a price point we are both comfortable with. In general, my rates are $30–$35 an hour, at about 2,000 words an hour.

Literary Editing

Novels, short stories, memoir, or essays: I am drawn to character-driven contemporary literary fiction and nonfiction with power, verve, playfulness, and heart.

There are three levels of editing you may choose from. We will work together to determine which stage of editing your project requires, or you may request a specific service.

Developmental editing: This big-picture edit will improve consistency, clarity, and cohesion of the overall project. You will receive a focused analysis of plot and subplots, characters, settings, flow, and pacing of the narrative and specific suggestions for how to implement revisions. (A good fit for first or second drafts.)

Copyediting: This sentence-level edit improves the style, diction, and syntax of each sentence, while also correcting spelling and grammar errors. You will receive specific suggestions that amplify your style. (An excellent choice for drafts that feel “close” and that you wish to start submitting soon.)

Proofreading: This minute edit is a final pass before submitting your manuscript and gives it a professional polish. Story and language will not be touched. You will be notified of corrections to achieve stylistic consistency (italic or bold formatting, headings, page numbers, spacing, and more), as well as stray spelling or capitalization errors. (A vital service for manuscripts about to be sent out into the publishing world.)

NOTE: If you request, for example, proofreading, and I’ve assessed that your project requires developmental editing, I will a) inform you of my reservations and try—once—to convince you that another service is needed and then b) complete a proofreading for you as requested.

Scholarly Editing

Journal articles, book chapters, scholarly essays: I have edited such subjects ranging from the study of epilepsy caregiving to the arroyos of New Mexico. I am familiar with Chicago Manual of Style and MLA. I can conform your piece to a specific journal’s style, as well, so long as I am provided with the guidelines and extra time is allotted to the project. Pieces I have edited have been subsequently published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

You will receive a combined copyediting and proofreading service in two rounds. I will complete a copyedit; once you incorporate my changes, I will then do a proofread. Due to the highly specific and technical nature of these projects, I do not offer developmental editing of scholarly work.

College and career application

Since 2011, I have helped many clients achieve their college- and graduate-school application goals. I work most frequently with international students who wish to apply to U.S. or U.K. universities. I offer editorial services for the personal statement, the statement of purpose, supplemental essays, letters of recommendation, and more. Many of my clients have achieved acceptance into their dream institutions.

I also offer cover letter and résumé/CV advising, editing, proofreading, and basic design (see my portfolio for samples).

Copy writing

My writing has appeared in the international newspaper the South China Morning Post and on the blog Education Post. I produce clean, energetic copy to match your house style.


I love working with design and have taken classes in InDesign and PhotoShop. Peruse my portfolio. If you like what you see, please reach out.

NOTE: Because my portfolio is still in development, I offer discounted prices for this service. I can almost certainly offer a more competitive price than another you’ve been offered—try me.