For more information or for a comparison of any of the following services, submit a project proposal through the Contact page. I am happy to work with you to customize services for your project and to reach a comfortable price point.

Contract consultation

In my work as an acquisitions editor at a university press, I negotiate the contracts of every book I acquire. I will help you navigate your new book contract and aid you in negotiation tactics to get the best deal possible with your publisher.

Literary editing

Novels, short stories, memoir, or essays: I am drawn to contemporary literary fiction and nonfiction with power, verve, playfulness, and heart.

Developmental editing: This big-picture edit will improve consistency, clarity, and cohesion of the overall project. You will receive a focused analysis of plot and subplots, characters, voice, settings, flow, and pacing of the narrative and specific suggestions for how to implement revisions. (A good fit for first or second drafts.)

Copyediting: This line edit offers suggestions to improve the style, diction, and syntax of each sentence, while also correcting spelling and grammar errors. (Best for drafts that feel “close” and that you wish to start submitting to agents soon.)

Proofreading: This detailed edit is a final pass that provides professional polish, meant for work just prior to publication. The goal is to achieve stylistic consistency (text formatting, headings, page numbers, spacing, and more), as well as correct errors in spelling and mechanics.

Scholarly editing

Journal articles, book chapters, monographs, and edited collections: I have edited such subjects ranging from epilepsy caregiving to the arroyos of New Mexico, from language and literature topics to film, television, media, and pop culture.

College and career application

Since 2011, I have helped many clients achieve their college- and graduate-school application goals. I work most frequently with international students who wish to apply to U.S. or U.K. universities. I offer editorial services for the personal statement, the statement of purpose, supplemental essays, letters of recommendation, and more. Many of my clients have achieved acceptance into their first-choice institutions.

I also offer cover letter and résumé editing, proofreading, and basic design.


Typesetting, interior and cover design, business card design, and more.

NOTE: My portfolio is still in development.